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Buying a grand piano is usually a once-in-a-lifetime investment, so buying a good one today will pay off in years to come. Thanks to efficiencies in both labor and production processes, you can purchase a Hallet, Davis piano today for the same or less than you could have purchased a similar piano ten to twenty years ago. And with all of the "high priced" grands in the market, your Hallet, Davis piano could very well end up costing less than half of these other so called "name-brand" pianos. So... in addition to the performance and beauty of these exquisite pianos, the unparalleled value of the Hallet, Davis piano is really what sets our pianos apart from all other pianos on the market today.

Hallet & Davis in Stock

Currently in our showroom we have 3 uprights and 2 grands

HS148 EP Baby Grand

HS148 EP  Baby Grand W/QRS3 player

HS148 MP  Baby Grand W/QRS2 player

H108 EP Studio 46"

H108 MP Studio 46"

H118F MS  Demi Chippendale 44"

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