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Piano tuning

Why do i need to have my piano Tuned?
Why does my piano go out of Tune?
Does it matter who Tunes my piano?

Questions you may ask while owning a piano. Let's start with a simple question.

Why get your piano tuned, simply because you want your piano to sound like it was intended. In order to achieve A-440 Concert pitch or close to it a tuner must tighten and loosen the strings to ensure that your piano sounds as good as it can.

Why does your piano go out of tune. This question has many answers. Let's start with the quality of your piano is it made well, has it spent most of its life indoors and away from windows and open doors. Has the piano ever sustained water damage? Many cases depend on what has happened to your piano over the years and how you have kept up with it. (ABOVE PICTURE) The picture above shows how the tuning pins are sitting inside of your piano. The pinblock is made of wood and wood flexes with temperature or atmosphere change. This causes the pinblock to tighten and relax causing the tension from all the strings to force the pins holding your strings in pitch to shift very little but enough to cause the piano to sound out of tune.

Normal situations cause for a piano to be tuned 1-3 times a year in the Corpus Christi Area.

Tuners, they come in all shapes and sizes. Having a quality, experienced tuner take care of your piano is or should be a priority. A bad or inexperienced tuner can cause damage to your piano that can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Also most tuners are not repair men they have an ear for music and can tune but when it comes to repairs they might try but can lead to even more repairs at times.

Di-Bros. Pianos works with many tuners in the Corpus Christi and surrounding areas. Give us a call today or fill out the form to start the process. We appreciate your time and opportunity to be your piano experts.