I am so glad for this opportunity to share about the kind of amazing service I received when I nervously contacted Di-Bros.Pianos. I chatted with them stating what I wanted and they graciously worked with me making my dream of over 60 years come true. The down payment and payment was made to my budget and so my dream could come true. This is so touching and my heart is so happy. I recommend them Highly! I guarantee you will not be disappointed at all. I am deliriously happy. Thank you Di-Bros. for making my dream come true..

Mary Deases Peralez

Dominique was very professional and attentive to our specific needs. When we needed minor servicing, he was responded quickly and came out to assist with what we needed. As for the piano itself, and me as a beginner, I'm glad I got to know Dom and the history of the store and his family as it made my decision making easier.

Hector Sanchez

Highly recommend this company for all piano needs. As someone who plays piano but has never personally owned a piano (only a keyboard) I did not expect there to be so much beneficial information that I truly needed to know before purchasing a piano. Dominique answered all of my questions thoroughly and even gave me more information about the maintenance and upkeep that comes with taking care of your piano. He explained to me all the differences between brands which made it a lot easier to choose to right piano for me. My piano was dropped off the very next morning to me and placed carefully in my home in the room I requested. I would choose them all over again for any of my piano needs!

Sabrina Flores

We had a baby grand restored, almost 100 years old. The job was conducted with professionalism , we're very happy with the outcome. Looks brand new!
Dominique was very thorough, he sent us pictures during the restoration.
We have serviced other pianos throughout the years, and pleased with the jobs as well.
Di-Bros is highly recommend for any job pertaining all brands of pianos.

Yolanda Charles

My piano returned to me in better shape than it was brand new! The finish is so lustrous, the wood grain is just beautiful! The pedals absolutely sparkle and work perfectly! The new keys are dazzling and the action is so supple! My home is filled with lovely music once again! I am overcome with joy at seeing my mother's treasure so beautifully, meticulously restored! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dibros Piano!

Sylvia Freeborn

I purchased a Baldwin model R from Di-Bros Pianos last year. The piano was completely restored by Dominique just in time for Christmas. The overall experience was the best ever. The staff are knowledgeable, patient and professional. I highly recommend Di-Bros piano when shopping for your piano. Don't go to big cities to find your piano, buy it here locally at Di-Bros Pianos, you won't be disappointed.

Andy Le

I was so happy with DI Brothers expertise! They arrived exactly at the time they were scheduled. Took less than 10 minutes of loading time, they were gentle, patient, I didn't worry once, I could visually tell these guys knew what they were doing! Highly recommended! I'll be coming back real soon for a tune up!


This business is extremely professional. It is always refreshing doing business with knowledgeable people that thoroughly answer all your questions and match that with the highest level of quality in workmanship. Beautiful work. Thank you.

Jerry Lab

What a great company! They treated our antique grand player piano with the TLC it needed. They arrived on time, got it set up and working and even recommended a piano tuner since we are new to Rockport. They came back the next day to do some minor repairs and recommended an annual visit to help us maintain our precious baby. HIGHLY recommend!

Linda Dudash