Let our 100+yrs of piano repair experience help you.

Restoration, Refinishing, Restringing, Repairs or action work has been the pinnacle of Di-Bros Piano foundation. Everyone can sell pianos, what sets us apart from your ordinary piano store is our dedication to the repairing of your families piano.

Di-Bros. Pianos literally can & will do anything to your piano, your imagination is the limit to what can be done to your families piano. From adding a bar to refinishing a piano in pink to putting a family crest, there is no limit to what can be done.

Here at Di-Bros. Pianos we only use genuine parts from the manufacture when possible on all restorations. If we can not buy the part we will custom make the part in-house. We also have been collecting piano parts from older pianos since 1976 so having extra parts for older pianos is another specialty of ours.

Challenge us and let us restore a piece of your families history today!


We also have a warehouse full of older pianos that we can let you "Pull A Part" style parts if needing that one particular piece that no one seems to be able to find you.